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About our eCredits


What are eCredits?
eCredits are exchange credits which are worth money. You can use these credits on orders to receive discounts.

How do your receive/collect them?
You will receive them on purchases at The more you buy, the more eCredits you will receive and the more discount you can obtain on your next order.

Where can I see how many eCredits I possess?
After you have logged in with your username and password, you will be able to view your eCredits balance.

When can I use my eCredits?
You can exchange your eCredits at your next order, without any requirements for a minimum order amount. Simply place your order and check exchange eCredits at the end of the order process.

When an error occurs during the order progress, any eCredits your wished to exchange will be temporarily frozen. After 30 minutes your eCredits will be released and will become available in your overview.

How long will eCredit remain valid?

ECredits will remain valid for one year upon receiving them


Saved eCredits Value of eCredits in euros
25 € 1.25
50 € 2.50
75 € 3.75
100 € 5.00
125 € 6.25
150 € 7.50
175 € 8.75
200 € 10.00
225 € 11.25
250 € 12.50
275 € 13.75
300 € 15.00
325 € 16.25
350 € 17.50
375 € 18.75


eWallet, eCredits rules

  1. You will receive one eCredit per euro spend in the webshop 
  2. You are free to decide when to exchange your eCredits
  3. Only payment made through Ideal or PayPal will yield eCredits. When an order is cancelled, the eCredits will also be deducted with the addition of a 25 eCredit fine.  
  4. eCredits will not be calculated on the order amount which are already being paid by eCredits.
  5. Newly saved eCredits can only be exchanged at the next order. 
  6. When you have multiple accounts, your eCredits can't be transferred between accounts. eCredits are being registered per account so be sure to order as much as possible on one account.  
  7. Kreca Ento-Feed BV maintains the right to edit or alter the eCredits saving system at any time
  8. eCredits are valid for one year upon receiving them. (unless mentioned otherwise).
  9. When you return an article, which was purchased using eCredits, the value of the used eCredits will be deducted from the credit value. These eCredits  will not return to your balance. 
  10. Upon cancelling or returning one or more articles for crediting, all obtained eCredits will be deducted for that specific order.
  11. eCredits can't be exchanged for money
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